Sunat implements physical recognition that reduces dispatch time by 4 hours




The process for the physical inspection of goods in the import regime for consumption of the Maritime Customs Administration of Callao will be reduced between three and four hours with the implementation of the new Single Physical Recognition (RFU) service, Sunat reported today.

This new service allows the simultaneous verification of goods and the evaluation of documents that support the declaration, explained the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat).

The RFU, implemented by Sunat, speeds up the authorization process to dispose of merchandise, optimizing the use of resources and benefiting more than 18,000 dispatches, subject to the red channel, which are carried out each year, he said.

With this new service, time is saved for customs collaborators to travel to the Sunat offices to record the free disposal of goods, since a mobile application has been implemented that allows them to record images of the goods on a tablet , notes and the result of the physical examination, noted.

online assessment

The information obtained in the field will be evaluated “online” immediately and simultaneously by another collaborator, granting the release of the goods and streamlining the entire procedure for the benefit of foreign trade users, who will be able to dispose of their goods in less time. , held.

This service will also be available, from next October 3, for the procedures carried out in the Air and Postal Customs Office and in a second stage, for the definitive export regime, he reported.

Sunat continues with its modernization process through the implementation of digital tools that streamline its procedures and reduce service time for the benefit of its foreign trade users, he pointed out.

Source: Andean

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