Occupational Safety and Health Day: what obligations do companies have?




Know the importance of this matter and the main provisions of the current regulation for employers.


Tomorrow, April 28, is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work (OSH), a date established by the International Labor Organization (ILO) in order to promote the prevention of accidents and diseases in the workplace Worldwide.

In our country, OSH is regulated by Law No. 29783, Occupational Health and Safety Law, and its Regulations, Supreme Decree No. 005-2012-TR, which are applicable to all economic sectors and services, also including the public sector, the Armed Forces, the Peruvian National Police and self-employed workers.

Ana Sofía Apaza, senior associate at Estudio Olaechea, details that there are essentially three objectives of having a culture of prevention in OSH: to eliminate dangers and risks in the workplace, to have adequate protection equipment, and to eliminate accidents at work and occupational diseases. .

“Prevention measures in the workplace must also be aimed at new emerging risks, which may arise from technological innovation, new ways of working, or even as a result of a pandemic,” she specified.


Employer Obligations

The expert commented that among the main obligations that companies have in relation to OSH are having an internal OSH policy, as well as identifying hazards, evaluating risks and establishing control measures. It is also required to have a planning of preventive activities and an annual OSH program.

She added that companies that have more than 20 or more workers must also have internal regulations and an OSH committee. “Meanwhile, companies with fewer than 20 workers are not required to have regulations and must only designate a supervisor,” she pointed out.

Lastly, Apaza highlighted that, according to the regulation, all companies must train and raise awareness among workers about internal regulations and policies on occupational health and safety.


Source: The Peruvian

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