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About us

Consulting Peru has over 13 years of experience in the market, with a focus on providing high-quality services throughout these years. Since our inception, we have remained a 100% Peruvian company with uninterrupted growth, becoming a solid business consulting company with a 360 portfolio of solutions and services that allows us to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of different sectors and markets. The quality of our services and recommendations from our clients enable us to create long-term relationships based on trust.

We guarantee a successful future

We are characterized by facing the new challenges of the market


We have experience and technological innovation


We provide bold and innovative strategies


With professional ethics and disruptive methodologies


Efficient and personalized service


Highly specialized professionals


We provide an effective professional contribution

Each year supports our level of commitment and quality

We started operations in 2009, implementing IFRS in companies, and that's where we saw an opportunity for change. We realized the deficiencies that the administrative areas had, and we needed to build an ecosystem that works better.


With the vision of providing innovative and high-quality outsourcing services, we decided to start the digital transformation in the company. Our first milestone began with the development of an ERP software.


We introduced outsourcing services to the market, and from the beginning, our purpose was to provide customers with a completely different experience, maintaining a personalized service with highly qualified professionals, and always assuming responsibility for the entrusted task.


Continuing with the digital transformation plan, security policies for safeguarding and confidentiality of information were developed, and investments were made in purchasing servers. This enabled the digitization of all information and keeping it securely stored in the cloud.


We officially introduced the Zimplyfica ERP, which went live for the first time and was implemented in all of our clients, achieving the expected success, eliminating repetitive tasks, and improving the quality of information that our clients had in their companies.


We began to implement a hybrid work model, combining aspects of remote work and office work, aiming to provide our team with a balance between their work and personal lives, and strengthening their digital skills. Our digital transformation plan was yielding results once again.


The pandemic severely affected the economy of companies, and Consulting Peru was not immune to such economic uncertainty. However, our attention to our clients was not interrupted, and our growth did not stagnate despite the adversity we faced.


With optimism and the desire to continue contributing to the sustainable development of our clients, we decided to enter a new stage of technological evolution: process automation. We began with the architecture.


We officially introduced "MatiBot" 🤖, which went live for the first time and was implemented in our clients. They gained greater precision, speed, reduced errors, and reduced operating costs. It is a complete success.


We decided to expand our portfolio of services and introduced legal services related to business activities, along with a change in our corporate image. Now we are a company that provides 360-degree business services while always maintaining our DNA and guaranteeing a successful future.


Figures that lead your company to success

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    The profitability of the company increases since with the support of outsourcing, the organization can focus on its core business.

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    Our professionals guarantee a reduction in tax and labor contingencies.

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    Greater precision and quality in data processing with the robotics employed in our services.

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    Productivity, availability, reliability, flexibility, and performance of administrative areas increase.

Rewarded with Consulting's results

"When we decided to outsource the Accounting area, we found the right strategic partner in Consulting Peru because they provided us with professionals with whom we were able to achieve our goals. Efficient and reliable company."

Rafael Urrunaga

CEO of Coroimport

"Eight years ago, we decided to outsource our accounting, and although we were uncertain at first, it was the best decision we made. We were able to focus more on our core business, and Consulting Peru provides us with information promptly and according to our needs."

Betty Abanto

GAF of Gráfica Biblos

"We have been working with Consulting Peru for 5 years, and thanks to their advice and support, we were able to reorganize our company. We easily adapted to the changes and automation of processes."

Lourdes Alan

CEO of Gráfica Beylourdes

"The assigned team is very attentive and always available to answer any questions we have, and the Zimplyfica system they work with is very easy to use."

Alicia Carrillo

GAF of Constructora Castilho

"Excellent professional advisory service, comprehensive quality in business and financial activities, with a staff of professional collaborators at our disposal."

Omar Valcárcel

GAF of Inmobiliaria Secoya

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