Refund of 40% of the toll will favor 100,000 carriers




Beneficiaries must request the September refund as of October 10.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) approved the guidelines to apply from yesterday the return of 40% of the payment of tolls. This measure, which seeks to contribute to economic reactivation, will benefit more than 100,000 people who work in the cargo and people transport service.

This initiative becomes official on August 13 through Emergency Decree No. 021-2022, published in the Legal Standards bulletin of the Official Gazette El Peruano.

An application will be implemented to register carriers, so that they receive reimbursement for tolls paid from September 1 to December 31, 2022, the MTC reported.

According to the refund schedule, the first refund request, corresponding to September of this year, must be submitted between October 10 and November 9.



Payments for tolls made in units managed by road infrastructure concessionaires or under the administration of the National Transport Infrastructure Special Project (Provías Nacional) will be considered for reimbursement.

To do this, the payment vouchers issued by the tolls must be attached to the request, have an electronic mailbox of the MTC and have access to the list of drivers of this ministry.

The general director of Policies and Regulation of Multimodal Transport of the MTC, Lenin Checco, said that it is a historical fact of the Government to provide support and confidence to the transport sector.

To be a beneficiary of this refund, carriers must have valid valid titles as of August 14, 2022, provide transportation service through authorized vehicles in compliance with the terms of the authorization granted, issue electronic payment receipts for the provision of public transportation service ground cargo and passengers, and be registered with active status and in the condition of having been in its unique taxpayer registry (RUC).

The refund will be granted with a limit of up to 15 vehicles for each carrier, in the case of the public land transportation of goods.

In addition, in the case of the regular transport service for people at a national or regional level, the reimbursement will be granted for up to 50 vehicles for each registered person.



This benefit will be granted until December 31, the MTC specified. The standard is part of the commitments assumed with the carriers in the high-level technical tables.

The MTC and the Urban Transport Authority for Lima and Callao (ATU) are responsible for meeting the requests submitted by carriers in the form, term and conditions specified in the respective complementary regulations.

In addition, it authorizes the Ministry of Economy and Finance to make budget modifications of up to 110 million soles, in favor of the MTC and ATU specifications, to finance the subsidy.


Work meeting

The decision to return 40% of the payment of the tolls was announced on Thursday, August 11, by the Executive to the representatives of the heavy cargo carriers at a work meeting held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

In that meeting organized by the High-Level Technical Table of the Executive to solve the transportation problem, the representatives of heavy cargo carriers nationwide highlighted the Government’s willingness to comply with the agreements signed in Arequipa and Lima.

In the appointment it was also announced that the subsidy of 1.49 soles per gallon of diesel is maintained in the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (FEPC).

This measure allows stabilizing the price of this hydrocarbon at an average of 16 soles per gallon, the MTC specified.

Source: The Peruvian

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