Labor Treatment for the National Holiday this October 08




Saturday October 8 is a national holiday for the commemoration of the Battle of Angamos, for which the
companies should have some considerations for their workers.

How should the worker who works the holiday be paid?

If the worker is required to work on a holiday, he will be paid for the day worked, a remuneration for the
holiday plus the 100% surcharge. We can recommend companies in order to avoid this additional payment
you can make up for it by granting the break on another working day.

What happens to workers who are granted rest on the holiday?

Workers who are granted rest will be paid their ordinary remuneration at the end of the month.

And what happens to the workers whose break coincides with the holiday?

In the case of workers whose weekly rest coincides with the October 8 holiday, they receive their
ordinary monthly remuneration, without additional payment.

Do workers who are still in remote work or telecommuting also have this

Workers who are in the remote work or telework modality have the same
labor law than face-to-face workers, which is why they are given the same treatment for this

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