Customer service: How to make a difference in your company?




In our country there are more than two million businesses, from multinationals and large companies, to independent workers that sell a product or service.

Although Peru has been recognized as one of the countries with the greatest entrepreneurial capacity worldwide, 80% of businesses end up disappearing in a short time, due to various factors such as difficulty in management, legal regulations, the absence of technological innovation, fear of failure, among others.

To improve the chances of success of a new company, it is necessary to use creativity. However, it is key to maintain a good relationship with your customers. Otherwise, no matter how good your product or service is, you will have a very difficult barrier to overcome. Exceptional customer service can make the difference between a satisfied customer and one who recommends your brand to the world.

Implementing the following tips can help improve customer service in companies and make a difference with other competing companies.

1. Quick and easy purchase processes. First of all, cumbersome purchase processes will always work against you when closing sales. The idea is always to offer all the comforts so that, once they decide on your product or service, they can have it in their hands as soon as possible.

The good news is that the more payment options you offer, the better your selling options will be. When selling in person, payment readers can be used for customers to use their credit and debit cards. If the sale is through social networks, you can use payment links so that customers pay for your products with a unique and secure link.

2. Offer personalized attention. Customers will always give you the necessary clues to know what you need. You have the option of conducting market research or asking for direct feedback from those who buy your products, depending on how developed your idea is.

Once you are clear about the profile of your average buyer, you will have the first half of the process: the rest of the experience will have to be adapted to the individual needs of each client. The most classic example: who doesn’t like to know when their purchase will arrive at their doorstep? Deliver dispatch codes or offer alerts to the contact channels that your client has left, whether they are emails or text messages.

3. Create a customer service strategy. Once you understand what they are looking for in your company or business, you will be able to refine an action plan every time a customer connects with your business. Keep in mind a protocol that you can easily apply in order to speed up response times.

At the end of the day, good customer service is also an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate the values your company stands for.

4. Maintain effective communication with customers. Whether you sell through social networks or decide on an online store, the ideal is to offer various forms of contact so that people can talk to you in case of doubts or problems with their purchase.

Don’t let conversations go unanswered: In the event that there is no human answering the questions, you can set up automatic responses or use chatbots to automate the process. You can also create an FAQ section to easily redirect people and address more complex situations faster.

5. Patience and honesty. Companies can sometimes face stressful situations, and customer service is no exception. Effective problem solving can be stressful, but the important thing to remember is that transparency and honesty are qualities that will always be appreciated in any context. Keep a cool head and work together with the client to solve their problems or doubts.


Source: Management

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