Workers in the private sector will have 5 days of leave due to the death of a family member




It may be extended up to three additional days, when the death occurs in a region other than the workplace.


The plenary session of Congress approved, unanimously (99 votes), the bill that establishes work leave with pay, in the event of the death of the closest relatives of workers in the country’s private sector.

Congresswoman Sigrid Bazán Narro (CD-JP), president of the Labor and Social Security Commission, supported the opinion issued in PL No. 1340/2021-CR, which proposes the law that establishes leave for the death of relatives in the private sector.

She pointed out that its objective is to establish the right of private activity workers to enjoy labor rights in the event of the death of their spouse, parents, children or siblings.

He stated that the leave in question would be granted for a period of five calendar days, and may be extended up to three additional calendar days when the death occurs in a geographical place other than where the worker’s workplace is located, and may enjoy leave with the benefit of remuneration, in the event of the death of their loved ones.

The initiative also contemplates pre-existing rights, when the benefits obtained by workers on this matter, by unilateral decision or by collective agreement, remain in force as long as they are more favorable to the worker, among other aspects.

“It is a rule of the utmost importance for the country’s workers, which will allow them to accompany their families in the most difficult moments of life when they lose their loved ones (…) It would no longer be necessary for this issue to be through collective bargaining with private sector unions and that will benefit thousands of workers and their families,” Bazán said.


Source: The Peruvian

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