They modify regulations of disaffiliation to the SPP




The Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFPs (SBS) modified (Resolution No. 02843-2022) the Operating Regulations for the Free Informed Disaffiliation of the Private Pension System (SPP) of those affiliates who are entitled to a pension in the Public Pension System .

In this way, it is established that in order to accredit entry into the Public Pension System (SPP), the affiliate must present, among other requirements, the administrative resolutions of the employment contract, replacement, substitution or others of a similar nature.

It specifies that in case of not having any of the required documents, the affiliate can present in its place, some other document of a similar nature, which replaces the established ones.

For the informed disaffiliation of the SPP, it indicates that the Private Pension Fund Administrator (AFP) sends the RESIT-SPP to the Office of Previsional Normalization (ONP), within five days of receiving the agreement to said report by the affiliate. , under the conditions established by the SBS, or upon expiration of the term to file a claim with respect to the aforementioned document.

This is for the purpose of completing the evaluation process of the affiliate’s application and can determine if it meets the requirements.


The affiliate must submit a sworn statement in which he declares to know and carry out the AFP procedure for the restitution of the funds.


Source: The Peruvian

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