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As of Monday, March 6, more than 600,000 natural persons will be able to present, at any time and without the need to carry out a face-to-face procedure at a Taxpayer Service Center, the 2022 Income Statement, from their cell phone using the People APP, complying with in advance with this important tax liability, reported the Sunat.

You just have to download or update this application from the virtual stores of Google Play and APP Store, click on the ‘Annual Income’ option, select ‘Annual Income Declaration’, confirm or modify the declaration proposal and that’s it.

The declaration can also be presented by entering, a specialized portal where the option ‘Declare Persons’ will be located and in just a few minutes you will be able to comply with the presentation, indicated the collecting entity.

As every year, the Sunat will make available to natural persons the personalized file that contains referential information on their income, expenses, withholdings and income tax and ITF payments to facilitate and simplify the declaration.

In the event that a balance is determined in favor of income tax, the taxpayer can register or update, at that very moment, the interbank account code (CCI) so that Sunat deposits the refund directly into his bank account.


For more information, you can call the telephone consultation center 0-801-12100 or 315-0730 and visit the portal


Source: The Peruvian

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