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The government ordered, among other measures, that it is no longer mandatory for these personnel to have the complete vaccination schedule and the return to face-to-face work of personnel with risk factors.

The Government modified the provisions for the surveillance, prevention and control of the health of workers at risk of exposure to Covid-19, through Ministerial Resolution No. 675-2022/MINSA, which also updated Administrative Directive 321-MINSA/DGIESP -2021.

Given this, the Lima Chamber of Commerce mentions the main approved changes, which have been in force since September 4, 2022:

Isolation of Covid-19 patients:

As will be recalled, Directive 321 provided that the isolation of Covid-19 patients was for 14 days. However, the period was reduced from 7 to 10 days from the date of onset of symptoms.

Return to Work Process

Previously, it was required that the return to work of the worker diagnosed with Covid-19 was given with the discharge of the treating doctor, and that, additionally, the professional of the health and safety service at work determined that he was fit for reinstatement. Now, with the new provision, in addition to being discharged by the treating doctor, a review by the doctor of the health and safety service, or whoever takes his place, is enough.

They eliminate the compulsory nature of the complete vaccination scheme

The employer is no longer required to verify that all employees are properly vaccinated against COVID-19 (first and second doses and booster doses). The new provision makes the requirement more flexible, indicating that the employer must verify that preferably all employees are duly vaccinated against Covid-19.

Surveillance, prevention and control plan for Covid-19

The obligation to submit the Covid-19 Surveillance, Prevention and Control Plan to the National Center for Occupational Health and Environmental Protection (Censopas) is eliminated. However, it is provided that the plan must be submitted to the Occupational Health and Safety Committee or to the Occupational Health and Safety supervisor, as appropriate, for approval within a maximum period of 48 hours from receipt.

Return to face-to-face work

The return to work of workers who were in social isolation and who are currently not confirmed or suspected of Covid-19 is established, based on the following:

The return or reincorporation of personnel with risk factors for Covid-19 will be carried out considering task, distancing, ventilation and working hours.

It is recommended that workers with incomplete or pending vaccination should report to the occupational health and safety service, or whoever takes their place, to complete their vaccination schedule and return to face-to-face, remote or mixed work according to the need for service. .

Reincorporation of personnel with risk factors

Personnel with risk factors can return to work, taking into account the following:

The clinical information (history and/or medical reports or medical data) must be assessed by the doctor of the occupational health and safety service or whoever takes his place, to specify the individual health status and occupational risk of each worker.

Workers who are in any of the risk groups defined by the occupational doctor perform face-to-face, remote or mixed work, according to the need for the service

Guide for the use of CO2 meters

A guide was approved for the use of CO2 meters in work environments and schools, to verify that the air in the environments is permanently renewed through adequate ventilation.

Among other points, the mandatory measurement is established once a week, for two consecutive weeks in each work shift.

It should be remembered that, already on August 28, Supreme Decree No. 108-2022-PCM was published, a rule that extends the State of National Emergency until September 30, 2022 and that, among other provisions, eliminated the obligation to accredit the complete vaccination scheme against Covid-19 for workers who carry out face-to-face activity, which was contained in Supreme Decree 016-2022-PCM.

However, due to the fact that Administrative Directive No. 321-2021-Minsa was still in force, the aforementioned elimination could not be applied to workers, which recently occurred with the modification made with Ministerial Resolution No. 675-2022 / Minsa commented on this note.


Source: The Peruvian

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