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In recent times, it has been necessary to rethink the way in which we relate to our customers, as well as the sales processes, tools and skills that are now necessary to move our sales teams from field sales to a sales model. remote sale.

The new way of selling remotely uses state-of-the-art tools to interact virtually with potential customers. Videoconferencing is one of them, but not the only one. Specifically, two main techniques can be applied:

Synchronous Sale: is the one that predominates with online meetings. With this technique, clients and suppliers interact in real time with calls or videoconference. Meetings are synchronous, in that participants meet at the same time, but do so regardless of their location. This eliminates the need to travel to the customer entirely, thus speeding up the sales cycle. Plus, it takes less time to set up meetings and salespeople don’t have to incur any travel costs, which lowers customer acquisition cost (CAC).

The Asynchronous Sale: is the one that takes place with interactions without meetings. Using this technique, the seller shares content with the buyer. It can be an open proposal, along with a request for comments. It can be a demo or product information in the form of a video that the buyer can distribute among interested parties.

Who isn’t already sending a WhatsApp voice message to their family and friends so they can hear it when they can? Why not do the same if when making a demo we can’t get all the stakeholders to come? This would streamline the sales process. What if to show a specific functionality of a product, instead of having a meeting, we send a video to our contact so that he can distribute it to whomever he deems necessary? We could impact many more parties within the organization.

In remote sales, a synchronous sales model with online meetings is widespread, but an asynchronous sales model through interactions without a meeting is still in its infancy. Those companies that understand this concept and apply it will be the ones that can achieve a competitive advantage and differentiate themselves.

Source: Business World

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