Indecopi: Mypes will pay 25% less to register their trademarks and other distinctive signs




Registration fee for trademarks and other distinctive signs drops from S/ 534.99 to S/ 401.24 for micro and small businesses.


The Congress of the Republic promulgated Law No. 31724 by which the registration fee for trademarks and other distinctive signs is reduced by 25% before Indecopi in favor of micro and small companies (mypes) that have an active RUC and have had , as well as the current registration or re-registration certificate in the micro and small business registry (Remype).

The executive president of Indecopi, Karin Cáceres Durango, welcomed the decision of the Congress of the Republic to approve this bill, which aims to promote the registration of distinctive signs. “The brand is an intellectual property tool that generates added value, reactivates the economy and fosters competitiveness,” she stated.

Thanks to the norm approved and published today in the newspaper ‘El Peruano’, the fee that micro and small companies will have to pay to Indecopi for the registration of product, service, certification, name and commercial trademarks is reduced from S / 534.99 to S/ 401.24. While the rate for each additional class drops from S/ 533.30 to S/ 399.97.

This initiative will promote the formalization and increase the value of mypes, as well as pave the way for the country’s economic reactivation and encourage greater employment growth.

It is important to specify that mypes will be able to access this benefit as of tomorrow when the rule comes into force. However, the registration procedures of distinctive signs that are in process on the date of entry into force, will continue their management under the previous regulations.


Source: The Peruvian

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