Igualdad salarial: emiten 106 actas de infracción a empresas privadas por discriminación remunerativa

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More than 254 inspections on equal pay were carried out in the 2020-2023 period.

On International Women’s Day, Sunafil announced that from 2020 to 2023, 106 infraction certificates have been issued to those companies that have not complied with their obligations to guarantee non-discrimination in wages in the workplace.

Likewise, the institution in favor of promoting compliance with the regulations managed 458 preventive actions, managing to inform and sensitize more than 290 employers and 8,716 workers in the same period. These actions highlight the value that is being given to Peruvian workers so that they have the same work and personal opportunities, and thus can develop without problems in society as their male peers do.

The main regions where guidance actions on equal pay were carried out are: Metropolitan Lima (81), Puno (57), Loreto (50) and Arequipa (37).

Remuneration Policy and Table of Categories

Every employer has the power to establish their remuneration policies, but must set the requirements to determine the amounts of their remuneration, without incurring in direct or indirect discrimination based on sex.

Likewise, companies must have a table of categories and functions, which must contain at least the following: a) the jobs included in the category; b) the general description of the characteristics of the jobs that justify their grouping into a category; and c) the ordering and/or hierarchy of the categories based on their assessment and the need for economic activity.

Learn more about the infractions and fines according to the type of company:

very serious offenses

Sunafil penalizes remunerative discrimination based on sex, taking into consideration that such conduct constitutes a very serious infraction in terms of labor relations.

It should be noted that, only for the calculation of the fine to be imposed, the total number of workers of the company are considered as affected workers.

Likewise, not having a table of categories and functions or a salary policy, as well as not having complied with notifying the workers of said policy, are also considered very serious infractions.


Depending on the number of workers, the fine for micro-enterprises ranges from S/1,138.50 to S/3,366; for small companies, between S/3,811.50 and S/37,867.50, and for Non-Mype between S/13,018.50 and S/260,023.50. The UIT value for 2023 is equivalent to S/4,950 according to D.S.N. or 309-2022-EF.

Complaints and queries

Remember that if you wish to make a query on labor or occupational health and safety matters, you can call us on the 01-3902800 line (option 1), the MTPE toll-free line 0800-16872 or write to “Sunafil Responde ”.


Source: The Peruvian

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