Christmas bonus: Sunafil application facilitates the calculation of this payment




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Next Thursday, December 15, the deadline for companies to pay the Christmas bonus for their workers expires. For this reason, Sunafil made the application “Calculate your free” available to the public so that they know in a referential way the payment they should receive.

The bonus is a social benefit that is granted twice a year, both in July and December, on the occasion of the National Holidays and Christmas, respectively, for all workers in this regime.

The amount must be equivalent to a full monthly remuneration, if the worker has worked the full semester from July 1 to December 31. If this complete period is not available, the bonus will be equivalent to 1/6 of the computable remuneration for each month worked.

In addition to the bonus, the employer must pay an extraordinary bonus equivalent to 9% of the Social Security Health contribution that would have been made in relation to the December bonus.

If the worker is covered by a Health Provider Entity (EPS), the extraordinary bonus will be equal to 6.75%.

How to access the application?

To access the application, you can enter the website, go to the “Links of Interest” section and then click on the “Labor Calculator” section. Once inside, the system will provide differentiated tools to calculate bonuses or CTS.

To continue with the calculation, the system will ask you for data such as the amount of your remuneration, overtime and commissions earned in the last semester, so it is recommended to have your pay stubs on hand.

In the case of micro-enterprises, they are not required to pay bonuses, however, small businesses (whose annual sales range between 150 and 1,700 UIT) must pay them, and the amount must be equal to half salary. For this, the company must be duly registered in Remype.

The workers of the small company have the right to receive an extraordinary bonus of 9%, in accordance with Law No. 30334.


Source: The Peruvian

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