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"When we decided to outsource the Accounting area, we found the right strategic partner in Consulting Peru because they provided us with professionals with whom we were able to achieve our goals. Efficient and reliable company."

Rafael Urrunaga

CEO of Coroimport

"Eight years ago, we decided to outsource our accounting, and although we were uncertain at first, it was the best decision we made. We were able to focus more on our core business, and Consulting Peru provides us with information promptly and according to our needs."

Betty Abanto

GAF of Gráfica Biblos

"We have been working with Consulting Peru for 5 years, and thanks to their advice and support, we were able to reorganize our company. We easily adapted to the changes and automation of processes."

Lourdes Alan

CEO of Gráfica Beylourdes

"The assigned team is very attentive and always available to answer any questions we have, and the Zimplyfica system they work with is very easy to use."

Alicia Carrillo

GAF of Constructora Castilho

"Excellent professional advisory service, comprehensive quality in business and financial activities, with a staff of professional collaborators at our disposal."

Omar Valcárcel

GAF of Inmobiliaria Secoya