From today you can request a refund of 40% of the toll




For those payments made after September 1st.

Starting today, heavy cargo carriers and people carriers across the country can request a refund of 40% of toll payments through a mobile application called “Toll 40,” reported the Ministry of Transport and Communications. (MTC).

This digital tool will speed up the reimbursement process of 40% of tolls paid from September 1 to December 31 of this year, as established by Emergency Decree (DU) 021-2022, with the aim of contributing to the economic reactivation of the country and the reduction of logistics costs for the benefit of the population.


In accordance with the provisions of the MTC, this return will benefit more than 100,000 carriers of the cargo transport service and the regular passenger transport service.

The first refund request, corresponding to September, must be submitted between October 10 and November 9 of this year.


The new digital tool is available for free download on cell phones with Android system and will soon be implemented for iOS.

To start the application process, the carrier has to enter in the application the number of his DNI, which must be registered in the list of drivers of the MTC.

Then, the screen will display a message warning that the information recorded is in the nature of a sworn statement, therefore any false data will be sanctioned.

User Data

Immediately, the home screen of the application will open, in which the data of the user, company, area, type of service, will appear.

There, the carriers must record the data of the payments made at the tolls for the term considered.

In this part, two options will be displayed: the first is to take a photo of the payment receipt so that the image data is automatically recognized; and the second, if the photo of the voucher is not clear, allows you to manually complete the toll voucher data.

Once that information is completed, you must click on register receipt and the process will be completed.

The system provided by the MTC will validate the fields entered and will display the successful receipt registration message.


Source: The Peruvian

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