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The improvements will benefit thousands of citizens of the country.


In order to strengthen and expand the service coverage of the National Employment Service (SNE) network, the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE) promotes the National Registry of Employment Service Provider Units throughout the country. Public (Renupsep) that provide employment services to the population.

He reported that to date, more than 360 entities that are already part of this network have been registered.

This expanded from 29 Employment Centers and 13 liaison offices to 364 units providing public employment services nationwide, which includes 36 local employment agencies, 26 employment offices of national universities and 257 employment offices of institutes. public.

“This advance will benefit the thousands of citizens who require these services throughout the country,” he stressed.

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He explained that the registered institutions will be able to provide the services that are part of the SNE portfolio, such as the Job Exchange with artificial intelligence and the Single Labor Certificate, digitized services provided by the Peru Jobs portal.

They also improve the quality of their services because they receive technical assistance and training to improve care. In addition, they will be able to participate in labor fairs and activities for the promotion and dissemination of services organized by the MTPE, in coordination with the Regional Directorates of Labor and Employment Promotion.

According to this ministry, networking will allow all members to expand care coverage and standardize the quality of services, with a wider range of job vacancies and with the common goal of giving greater opportunities to enter the market to the population, thus making it easier for employers to more effectively find the talent they need.

The MTPE invites more public entities that provide this service to join the network, to jointly overcome the limitations they have, such as the unarticulated and poor functioning of the services provided.

Entities wishing to register on the network can request information from the Regional Offices or Directorates for Labor and Employment Promotion in their region.


Source: The Peruvian

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