Electronic notifications will be valid from the date they are sent to the obligors




Check your electronic mailbox permanently, you can do it from a cell phone or by entering the Sunat portal.


As of March 1, the electronic notifications that taxpayers receive will be considered made (valid) on the date they are communicated, for this reason it will be very important to enter your electronic mailbox to check all the messages sent by the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat).

With this provision, the date on which the notification is considered made by certified mail or messenger and electronically is standardized, also providing the necessary tools for taxpayers to comply with their tax obligations and without face-to-face procedures, since, now, the The vast majority of the services they provide are virtual.

Among the documents that are notified electronically, payment orders, debt determination resolutions, applications for installments, refunds, as well as those referring to the claim resources presented by taxpayers, stand out. Last year more than 56 million electronic notifications were sent.

Electronic mailbox

The electronic mailbox is the official means by which Sunat communicates with taxpayers, sending them digital documents, such as administrative acts and other information of interest. It is a safe and easily accessible support because it is available all day and can be consulted from a PC or cell phone with the APP Personas and Emprender applications.

To use the service, all you have to do is visit the portal or download the APP on your cell phone and enter the Sunat Online Operations module with your Clave SOL. In the option “My Procedures and Consultations” you will find an icon with the name Electronic Mailbox, click on it and the system will automatically show you all your messages or communications.

If you require more information about the mailbox and electronic notifications, you can contact the telephone consultation center at 0-801-12-100 or 315-0730 or visit the Sunat portal, where you will find guidance and assistance without having to leave From home. An additional option is to enter our official social networks.

Source: The Peruvian

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