Annual declaration 2022: Sunat announces new schedule for districts in a state of emergency




Find out what is the new schedule to present your annual income statement if you live in one of the districts affected by the rains and floods.

Due to the rains and mudslides that are affecting various regions of the country, the Government has ordered a state of emergency in various areas of Peru. Given this, the Sunat has also decided to implement a schedule to present the annual income statement, which several people were preparing this month. What are the new dates? Find out all the details in the following note.

Sunat 2023 schedule: these are the new dates for those affected by Cyclone Yaku

Given the situation, Sunat announced a new schedule to submit the 2022 annual income statement. “These extensions apply to taxpayers in emergency areas due to the impact of damage,” the entity said. These are the dates:

Last digit of RUC Deadline
0 June 15, 2023
1 June 16, 2023
2 and 3 June 19, 2023
4 and 5 June 20, 2023
6 and 7 June 21, 2023
8 and 9 June 22, 2023


What districts were declared in emergency?

It should be remembered that this applies to jurisdictions declared in a state of emergency due to the impact of damage. In Lima, these are the following:

Metropolitan Lima:

  • chorrillos
  • cieneguilla
  • The Augustinian
  • Independence
  • La Molina
  • The victory
  • Lima fence
  • the olive trees
  • lurigancho
  • lurin
  • pachacamac
  • Stone bridge
  • Rimac
  • Saint John of Lurigancho
  • Saint John of Miraflores
  • santa anita
  • Villa El Salvador
  • Villa Maria del Triunfo

Shut up:

  • callao
  • Carmen de la Legua-Reynoso
  • My Peru
  • Window


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