Transformation, Merger and Demerger of Companies and Societies

Within the business scope, companies must be understood as structures subject to constant changes. The market forces continuous analysis of the environment, competition, sector, objectives, and results. Therefore, it is common to see more and more strategic alliances between companies, but not all business combinations are the same.


At Consulting Peru, we explain the main differences between mergers, acquisitions, and corporate spin-offs.

  • In a merger, two or more companies come together to form a single entity, complying with the requirements prescribed by law.
  • In a spin-off, a company divides its assets into two or more blocks to transfer them entirely to other companies or to retain one of them.
  • In a transformation, a company decides to change its legal form to another recognized in the law.

Our legal team is prepared to advise companies on tax and corporate implications.

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