Implementation of the Equal Pay Act

The Equal Pay Act (Law No. 30709), aims to prevent potential situations of salary discrimination based on gender or other reasons, by determining categories, functions, and remunerations that allow for the execution of the principle of equal pay for equal work.


Among the main challenges that Peruvian companies face in implementing the law are the establishment of a correct organizational structure and the lack of resources to close gaps. Therefore, the importance of the norm goes far beyond legal regulatory compliance, since having a well-structured job evaluation and the positive impact it generates for the company in defining its remuneration is key and fundamental to achieving sustainability in the company and implementing a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Service details:

  • Identification of job positions
  • Determination of gender in the job positions
  • Job valuation
  • Comparison and calculation of salary differences
  • Category and Function Table
  • Preparation of Salary Policy

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