Financial Controller

Today, the definition of management control goes far beyond mere cost control. It is about understanding the company as a whole, in which every internal process, no matter how small, must add value to the organization. This task is the responsibility of the controller, who becomes a strategic element in every organization, being a key piece in the financial management control of a company.


The incorporation of a Controller frees top management from supervision and control functions, allowing them to devote their time to productive business activities. A good management control system identifies problems, deviations, and inefficiencies before they become harmful to the company.

Our controller service may seem like a service reserved for large corporations; however, nowadays, many companies demand professionals dedicated exclusively to management control. Therefore, Consulting Peru has multidimensional and agile professionals with a global economic vision whose objective is to ensure compliance with the objectives set by the management.

Advantages of having a Financial Controller service:

  • Having a strategic ally specialized in financial control
  • Independence: outsourcing minimizes the creation of ties between the controller and the controlled, maintaining confidentiality and discretion on key issues for companies.
  • We integrate qualified candidates with experience and knowledge in planning, control, and reporting that can quickly align with the objectives of the organization, adapting to any context.

They enjoy the successful future of working with Consulting.