Transfer Pricing

Transfer prices are the prices at which a company transfers intangible assets, materials and assets or provides services to related companies or related parties.


The central objective of the Transfer Pricing study is to verify that transactions between related companies are domiciled or not domiciled, comply with the principle of free competition or market value, eliminating those distortions in prices, which could decrease the tax base of those companies and consequently the tax collection.


Considering the new guidelines of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, as well as the recent regulatory changes introduced in our legislation, the Technical Studies of Transfer Pricing must be duly supported with the documentation required by the current regulatory framework in tax matters, so that the price of transactions of goods and services between related parties and with companies located in tax havens are duly accredited and supported.


Details of the Service:


  • Local Report
  • Master Report
  • Country-by-Country Report
  • Test of Benefit
  • Transfer Pricing Technical Study

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