Recovery of Tax Benefits

In the exercise of the financial and tax activities of a given period we have often found ourselves in situations where payments were made in excess to the tax administration that are plausible of refund, or perhaps we have credits that by their nature and legal rule have a refund procedure. Because of this, many companies do not know how to face this circumstance and out for fear of a possible audit do not exercise their right to be reimbursed. Therefore, to request the refund or compensation of taxes or tax credits of various kinds, we have an experienced team of professionals in tax matters that will help you achieve success in this process.


Consulting Peru has extensive experience in advising and assisting in the return procedures, whose objective is to promote financial relief and dynamization of the capital flow of your company through a thorough analysis of your operations that lead us to achieve the recovery of the refund or compensation of taxes or tax credits of various kinds:


  • Balance in favor of Income Tax
  • Balance in favor of the exporter
  • Early recovery of General Sales Tax (IGV)
  • Undue or excess payments
  • Credits for receipts or withholdings of the IGV
  • Withholdings
  • ITAN balance
  • Customs Drawback

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