Dissolution, Liquidation and Termination of Companies and Societies

Dissolution and Liquidation is a process that aims to ensure that a company leaves the market in an orderly manner. This procedure can be achieved under the General Law of Companies (Law No. 26887), Law Decree 21621- Law of Individual Limited Liability Companies- and/or the General Law of the Bankruptcy System (Law No. 27809).


The standard to be used will depend on the particular case, so it is important to receive the appropriate legal advice in order to choose the best option.


Our service includes legal advice throughout the execution of the dissolution and liquidation procedure under the General Companies Law:


  • Legal Consultations.
  • Preparation of Minutes of the Dissolution, Liquidation and Appointment of Liquidator Agreement.
  • In the case of Individual Limited Liability Company, we prepare the Minutes and the respective Public Deed.
  • Registration Procedures.
  • Advice on the Preparation of the Final Settlement Balance.
  • Preparation of Final Balance Approval Minutes.
  • Termination of the Company.


Initiation of Bankruptcy Judicial Proceedings in cases where the company’s assets are not sufficient to pay the liabilities.

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