Assignment of Use of our ERP Software

Our Zimplyfica ERP software is designed to adapt to the processes of large or medium-sized companies, effectively integrating all areas of your business, ensuring quality processes. Through its 100% web technology you can connect from anywhere and with any device.


The digital platform that we give in cession of use helps to automate and manage the business processes of different areas in the following modules: Accounting, Treasury, Production, Commercial, Logistics, Budget, Asset Management, B2B Portal, Payroll, Legal and Helpdesk.


The platform breaks down the data and integrates the information obtained in the various areas of the company, in this way, they help managers to extract information, optimize operations and improve decision-making.


Our ERP software can be implemented in periods of time from 1 month, our specialized IT area works on the basis of the following phases:

  • Planning: At this stage, the technical needs are analyzed and it is established in which cloud the ERP software will be installed. In addition, the task force that will be involved in the definition of these needs is established.
  • Business analysis: It must be well understood how the business in which the ERP solutions are going to be implemented works, so that it is understood how the company processes are developed and what improvements are expected with them.
  • Configuration: The time has come to adapt the ERP software to the needs of the company. Tests must be carried out and how this is integrated with other company systems must be verified.
  • Start-up and control: It is the moment when the ERP software is started to be used by the company. Periodic checks will be carried out to correct errors or introduce adaptations.

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